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New montage from Michael Moloney

London’s Michael Moloney Studio launched a quality new reel. I like how their style is very various throughout the montage. Take a look at their portfolio, it’s worth it.


Are you kidding me ? App store hits a billion downloads !

Now tell me Apple isn’t the biggest marketing machine there is in the entire world. Barely nine months after it launched the App Store, Steve Jobs‘ company hit a billion application-downloads for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are about 37 million users of those devices in the entire world, so that just gives you a taste of how many apps people download in average.

The one-billionth downloader is a 13-year old kid from Connecticut. Connor Mulcahey was awarded 10 000$ to spend in the iTunes Store, a MacBook Pro, an iPod Touch and a Time Capsule.

VISA gets rid of its 3-year campaign for new “More People Go with VISA”

Once again, a little (a lot) late on this one, but when I first saw that campaign, my blog didn’t even exist, and late is better than never !

The never-ending marketing war between credit giants MasterCard and Visa has proven to be an immense source of quality advertisements. MC’s “Priceless” campaign is probably the longest running campaign in the last 10 years (is it already more ?) which won countless awards. VISA stroke back at the beginning of March, teaming up with TBWA, to launch it’s new “More People Go with VISA” campaign, worth over 140 million dollars worldwide. Let’s not get started on the overall marketing idea of this new image, because opinions seem split (here’s a good article on that). But, the TV and print advertisements for the campaign are worth being mentioned. Paydirt and director Iain Mackenzie took charge of the production, and their work is truly amazing. There are some stunning images in the TV ads. Superfad created the VFX and motion design.

Here’s one of the ads that is not on the website, but is the best one I think. For all other TV and prints, check out VISA’s website.

Kanye’s new video with Young Jeezy

Kanye West just launched his new video for his single Amazing, featuring Young Jeezy, on BET last night. Though I’m not a huge fan of the video, I must say I respect Kanye so much for trying different stuff in his music videos. Every single hip-hop clip in the last 5 years (even more) has been about bling, boats, cars, hoes and money. Even though they’re mostly well-directed, it gets old pretty fast. Kanye brings us a video with good cinematography and stunning scenery. The editing also is slow-paced, compared to the one-cut-a-second formula in other videos. Take a look at his Welcome to Heartbreak video with Kid Cudi also to see how Kanye’s pushing the boundaries in terms of music videos.

Hype Williams directed this video. For those who don’t know Mr. Williams, he’s the guy behind probably 50% of the hip-hop R&B videos you’ve seen. His work includes California Love from Tupac and Dre, Kanye’s Gold Digger, Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’, pretty much every Busta Rhymes video, and many more.

Bottom line, props to Kanye who doesn’t fear to try new things and seems to do what he likes, not caring about what people are thinking.

Car ads are blowing me away right now. Toyota “Covered”

I’ve always been a big fan of car ads, but it seems that lately, every car company has surpassed themselves in producing mind-blowing ads. Toyota’s latest ad, entitled Covered, is just another example of that.
This new spot is beautifully filmed, perfectly choreographed and flawlessly edited/post-produced. Chi & Partners is responsible for this clever concept, while RSA Films took care of the perfect visual effects. Brett Foraker directed this ad. In his vast portfolio, you’ll find the amazing ad for Panasonic’s Viera TV.

Happy Birthday Scrabble !

Today is Scrabble’s 60th birthday ! One of the most popular board games ever celebrates with a great motion design advertisement. Ogilvy’s Paris Office created this birthday ad. Take a look !

NAB 2009 final day !

Final day of exhibits today in Las Vegas. I’ve finally got a hold of some news from the much anticipated Trapcode Particular V2 from Red Giant. Here’s a PDF document explaining the plugin’s new features. You can also check out this episode of FXGuide TV, which includes an interview with the people from The Foundry, but most importantly, an in-depth demo of Particular V2.

Speaking of The Foundry, they gave a preview of Nuke 6.0, their popular compositing software.

Finally, here’s a funny parody video to conclude things ! Sony, no hard feelings, but this is just hilarious !