Crystal Method lacking originality ?

I just found out The Crystal Method’s new video for Drown in the Now. For those of you who have seen the 2006 French movie Renaissance, you might find some similarities in the art direction…

I haven’t found out who directed the video yet, but if by any chance it’s Christian Volckman, I think he could have gotten out of his mold. The artistic look of Renaissance was amazing, but is not something to be used over and over again I think.

Still, for someone who hasn’t seen Renaissance and has never heard of it, this video looks great I must say. I’m just curious on why they decided to copy the exact same look as a 2006 movie. Here’s the trailer of the movie for you to make the comparison.


2 responses to “Crystal Method lacking originality ?

  1. well i don’t believe renaissance exactly invented the black and white

    • charlesburroughs

      I’m not speaking typical black and white here, I’m speaking about this 3D graphic style using minimal-to-no shades of grey. Renaissance was definitely the first movie I saw that used that style. I’m not dissing your video at all here, and if you read my post carefully I actually point out the great work. It just struck me how much both videos looked alike, and since this is a style we rarely see, I was questioning the choice in art direction.

      I’m not saying that to make up for my previous comments, but I just checked out your ’09 showreel and I must give you props on it. There is great quality work in there.

      No hard feelings I hope !

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