JOSS winning video

The Jon Olsson Super Sessions is a video/photography contest, teaming 2 skiers, 2 filmers and one photographer, who have less than two weeks to session two world-class resorts (and their surroundings) and produce a short film showcasing all this action.

This year, team Norway, which included skiers PK Hunder and Andreas Hatveit, photographer Thomas Kleiven, and cinematographers Jon Hatveit and Filip Christensen, won the contest with a short film composed of insane skiing and beautiful cinematography. Props to everyone on the team, and especially to Filip, who is someone I’ve known for awhile now, and who is basically one of the most hard-working and deserving person I’ve met in this industry. And of course, props to Jon Olsson, freeskiing’s most influential personality, who once again put on the best competition of the year.

Without further ado, here’s the winning video. Be sure to check out the other contestants of the competition, because their videos also kick ass !


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