NAB stuff part 2

Still no news from Apple, I’m starting to worry !

But, lots of things going on today. JVC, which is far from my favorite brand, announced 2 new products that’ll probably be worth a try (when I win the lottery). First, they’ve introduced the KY-F4000, which is a 4K, 60p camcorder. Here is the press release. It seems like a competitor to the already established line of ultra high defintion camcorders from RED, but at a MUCH higher price. We’re talking 200 000$ MSRP.
Also, on a more affordable note, they announced a consumer HD cam, the GY-HM100 listed at around 4000$. It features full 1080p at 24 and 30 fps, and also provides full 60 progressive frames per second at 720p resolution. All of this is recorded up to 35 mbps, which is higher than the AVCHD cameras from Panasonic. Read this article for more info.

Finally, I’ve found a website with interviews on various products, including the new 35mm adapter from Cinemek, the G35. Take a look at

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow as NAB comes to an end !


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