VISA gets rid of its 3-year campaign for new “More People Go with VISA”

Once again, a little (a lot) late on this one, but when I first saw that campaign, my blog didn’t even exist, and late is better than never !

The never-ending marketing war between credit giants MasterCard and Visa has proven to be an immense source of quality advertisements. MC’s “Priceless” campaign is probably the longest running campaign in the last 10 years (is it already more ?) which won countless awards. VISA stroke back at the beginning of March, teaming up with TBWA, to launch it’s new “More People Go with VISA” campaign, worth over 140 million dollars worldwide. Let’s not get started on the overall marketing idea of this new image, because opinions seem split (here’s a good article on that). But, the TV and print advertisements for the campaign are worth being mentioned. Paydirt and director Iain Mackenzie took charge of the production, and their work is truly amazing. There are some stunning images in the TV ads. Superfad created the VFX and motion design.

Here’s one of the ads that is not on the website, but is the best one I think. For all other TV and prints, check out VISA’s website.


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