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My childhood dream finally comes true ! Toy Story 3

It’s like suddenly I’m back in 3rd grade ! The animated-movie I’ve been waiting for all my life is finally here ! Pixar just launched the trailer for Toy Story 3. The only thing that sucks is that it’s only coming out in 14 months…


Why didn’t I know about this guy before ?? Troyt Coburn

I easily get bored out of portrait photography. I think usually, models always make the same faces, transcend the same old emotions, and except for striking beauty, models are just there, not really jumping out of the picture and speaking to you.
Forget all I just said. I just found out Troyt Coburn from Minnesota (unconfirmed, I just thought it was because of the area code on Contact page of his site) who is by far the most talented portrait photographer I’ve seen in the last years. His style is varied, and he knows how to direct his models so that you forget you’re even watching a picture. Check out his set for Lee, it is by far the one that caught my attention the most. But all his work is worth a look. Here are some pics, but check out his website to see the rest of his work.

The Kanye masterplan is still going

Picture 1
I recently wrote an article about Kanye’s”Amazing” video with Young Jeezy, saying it was a fresh look at hip-hop videos. Well, once again, Kanye does it with his new “Paranoid” video. Not only does it look good, but it also features Rihanna, clearly sending another message to her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Very little information is available right now about the video, so if anyone knows who directed it, and the rest of the credits for the video, please post it in the comments.
Major props to Kanye !

Proof that cute kids can sell anything: “The Kiss”

In a time where the green movement is now king, the words gas, oil and fuel have become almost forbidden, and companies selling those products have a big challenge in front of them to connect with their clients. The latest champion in this category is definitely Kitchen Reklamebyra, a Norwegian agency which created this new ad for Norwegian Oil.
Honestly, this ad is spectacular. The childs act perfectly, cinematography is stunning, and the idea and concept are simply brilliant. Velocity Films, a company based in South Africa, is behind the production of all this.

Mr. Nobody

With all those summer hits coming up, like The Taking of Pelham 123, Public Enemies and Inglorious Basterds, I’ve paid a lot less attention to smaller-scale movies lately. Today though, my attention was caught by a new movie coming this October, who was supposed to be shown in Cannes, but didn’t (that’s how I heard about it !). The movie’s called Mr. Nobody, starring Jared Leto. Jaco van Dormael, a director from Belgium who I’ve never heard about before, directed this movie which looks visually beautiful, as well as having a very interesting and original storyline. Requiem for a Dream is one of my top 10 movies all-time, so of course I’m a big Leto fan, and I can’t wait to see this movie.
The new trailer was released a couple days ago, and I still can’t find the English-only version, so you’ll have to check it out with French subtitles.

Paul Arden is now my idol.

Monday. I go to bed, remembering I have nothing more to read because I just finished Hillman CurtisMTIV. Tuesday. I go on Amazon and start shopping like a maniac. In my 3-book order, I include Paul Arden‘s “Whatever you think, think the opposite” because I’ve always read some short references about it on different forums. Friday. I receive the largest box I’ve ever received for such a small order, but I don’t complain since this is probably the fastest delivery I’ve seen in my life. Today. I wake up and I decide to start reading the first few pages of Paul Arden’s book. Before I know it, I’m reading the thanks-page. I read through it in less than an hour it was so good.
Except the fact that he worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, I knew nothing about the author before reading this, and I must say, I admire the man now, and I find it very sad that I didn’t interest myself more about his work when he was still living.
This book really is a reality check for everyone, and not just people in the advertising/publicity world. It’s about living our lives to the fullest, and reaching the age of 40 with the feeling of having accomplished something. It’s more about philosophy than creativeness I found.
Reading this really opens your mind to a different point of view, and I really suggest taking a look into it. For those who are not big readers, don’t worry. I have the attention-span of a hummingbird on cocaine, and it is the easiest book to read. Plus, it’s like 10 bucks, so sue me for that amount if I convinced you to buy it and you didn’t like it.

Microsoft takes a break fighting with Apple for its new NZ campaign

Microsoft really stepped up its advertising game when Apple started crushing them with their “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” campaign from TBWA. Y&R in New Zealand launched a series of print ads with the slogan “Fun up your home”. This is yet another step in Microsoft’s quest to get rid of its super corporate image, and getting a younger range of customers.
Chances are slim, but if you still haven’t seen “The Rookies” ads from Microsoft, check them out. The kids are just perfect natural-talents.