Some controversy around Sloche’s 10th anniversary campaign

I’ve always been a huge fan of Sloche‘s marketing. Since the product came out, they’ve always had very creative branding and publicity. I remember when I tasted my first Sloche, which was “Sang-Froid” (cold blood) flavored. The name itself was so gore and cool that I was already an 11-year-old customer sold to the drink.
They then started many TV campaigns, more original and disgusting every year. Take a look at Liposuccion and Gadoue for examples.
Sloche is now celebrating its 10th anniversary and Bos agency, which has been doing the marketing for them for 10 years, created a new web campaign which is already stirring some controversy in the media. The ads show two clowns being chopped to death and bleeding balloons and confetti. Personally, I don’t find them offending at all; I find them rather funny and clever. But this appreciation is not unanimous at all.
Here’s an article of a retired professional clown who is taking this campaign way too seriously (no humor intended here!).
Local Quebec news channel LCN interviewed Simon Beaudry, art director at Bos, asking him about the impact of such a publicity. Here’s the video.


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