Climbing to the top with Pepsi

It’s now been about 6 months since TBWA took charge of the complete redesign of Pepsi’s corporate image. Opinions vary on whether or not Pepsi’s new look is better than the old one, but their new ads are mostly very good.
Update: BBDO is the agency that did this ad, entitled “Rising”, not TBWA.
They have just released a new one, called “Rising”, produced by Rattling Stick‘s France office. I must say this is some remarkable compositing. The camera moves are complex and the whole CG scene blends perfectly with the live-action footage. The story line is nothing new but it is at least presented in a very original way.
I must say I had never heard of Rattling Stick before, and I was impressed by their portfolio. Take the time to visit their website, and look especially at the Benadryl ad. It’s really good !


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