Shooting of “Dès que je t’ai vu” from Bravo

I just came back from a 3-day stay at Montreal to shoot the new music video for my friends’ boys band, Bravo. Since their new song is about love at first sight, we decided to split to video in 2 parts: one with performance, and second, filming random girls on the street and in shopping malls, holding a white sheet with a heart printed on it. Even if some super hot chicks rejected us, we still managed to get 20-25 girls to do it, which should be a sick addition to the video.
Most of the video was shot on the roof of ad agency Bleu Blanc Rouge‘s office (thanks to them for letting us climb up there) which is downtown Montreal, from where you can see all the city’s skyline.
Most of the video was shot with my HMC150, mostly at 24 fps, but we also shot some sick footage in 60p to get fluid slow motions.
There are 2 other scenes that were filmed with a Nikon D90 in a convertible and at night near Place Ville-Marie, but I can’t leak all the hot shots, so you’ll have to wait to see the video to see that !
UPDATE: Here’s a making-of from the shooting !
Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the shoot (thanks to Alex Fortin):
Adjusting the camera’s settings
The view from the roof
Shooting on the roof
Stabilizing everything with the Glidecam
More roof top shooting

And here are some top secret screenshots of the footage:


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