Paul Arden is now my idol.

Monday. I go to bed, remembering I have nothing more to read because I just finished Hillman CurtisMTIV. Tuesday. I go on Amazon and start shopping like a maniac. In my 3-book order, I include Paul Arden‘s “Whatever you think, think the opposite” because I’ve always read some short references about it on different forums. Friday. I receive the largest box I’ve ever received for such a small order, but I don’t complain since this is probably the fastest delivery I’ve seen in my life. Today. I wake up and I decide to start reading the first few pages of Paul Arden’s book. Before I know it, I’m reading the thanks-page. I read through it in less than an hour it was so good.
Except the fact that he worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, I knew nothing about the author before reading this, and I must say, I admire the man now, and I find it very sad that I didn’t interest myself more about his work when he was still living.
This book really is a reality check for everyone, and not just people in the advertising/publicity world. It’s about living our lives to the fullest, and reaching the age of 40 with the feeling of having accomplished something. It’s more about philosophy than creativeness I found.
Reading this really opens your mind to a different point of view, and I really suggest taking a look into it. For those who are not big readers, don’t worry. I have the attention-span of a hummingbird on cocaine, and it is the easiest book to read. Plus, it’s like 10 bucks, so sue me for that amount if I convinced you to buy it and you didn’t like it.


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