Mr. Nobody

With all those summer hits coming up, like The Taking of Pelham 123, Public Enemies and Inglorious Basterds, I’ve paid a lot less attention to smaller-scale movies lately. Today though, my attention was caught by a new movie coming this October, who was supposed to be shown in Cannes, but didn’t (that’s how I heard about it !). The movie’s called Mr. Nobody, starring Jared Leto. Jaco van Dormael, a director from Belgium who I’ve never heard about before, directed this movie which looks visually beautiful, as well as having a very interesting and original storyline. Requiem for a Dream is one of my top 10 movies all-time, so of course I’m a big Leto fan, and I can’t wait to see this movie.
The new trailer was released a couple days ago, and I still can’t find the English-only version, so you’ll have to check it out with French subtitles.


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