Why didn’t I know about this guy before ?? Troyt Coburn

I easily get bored out of portrait photography. I think usually, models always make the same faces, transcend the same old emotions, and except for striking beauty, models are just there, not really jumping out of the picture and speaking to you.
Forget all I just said. I just found out Troyt Coburn from Minnesota (unconfirmed, I just thought it was because of the area code on Contact page of his site) who is by far the most talented portrait photographer I’ve seen in the last years. His style is varied, and he knows how to direct his models so that you forget you’re even watching a picture. Check out his set for Lee, it is by far the one that caught my attention the most. But all his work is worth a look. Here are some pics, but check out his website to see the rest of his work.


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