GM finally making some sense

Picture 1
Ever since the huge financial difficulties started for GM, their marketing seemed to stay exactly the same, promoting the same crappy products. On top of that, they seemed to advertise twice as much as before, but for the same old cars that nobody buys anymore.
Finally, they seemed to have understood that by now, everyone is aware of their “bankruptcy” and that 99% of customers cannot be fooled anymore by the “we’re offering you the employee price on all GM models” marketing strategy. We all know that in the end, advertising is all about selling, no matter what, but this new spot from GM, called Reinvention, created by Deutsch in LA, feels honest and down to earth. The choice of image might not always be the most appropriate, but most of the ad is well shot, well edited, and the voice-over text is really good. No one knows if everything they plan on doing in the ad is entirely true, but if most is, GM could possibly get back on track in some years.


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