Home: stunning images, redundant content

I finally got to watch Yann Arthus-Bertrand‘s Home tonight. I must say I was stunned by the quality of those images. They used the Cineflex HD cameras like no one before. I’m not going to start naming every shot that almost made me cry, but take a look at the shot from the Burj Dubai; I almost fell off my seat. The score by Armand Amar is also captivating.
What turned me off is the on going moralizing voice-over from Glen Close about the threat we are to the Earth. There have been hundreds of documentaries produced about global warming, over-population and every other single problem our world’s environment faces today, so why waste such beautiful footage on such over-used content ?
I’m conscious about all those problems, but I’m more than tired of the green movement that’s going on right now. I must say, if the quality of the picture had been just a bit less than what it is, I couldn’t have sat through the whole hour and a half. It is really 90 minutes of “look at what we’ve done to our world” narration.
Good job Mr. Arthus-Bertrand, but Planet Earth keeps its title of best nature documentary ever, in part because the content is 80% stuff that we’d never heard about before.


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