Palm Pre launches with choreography of 1000 kids

After the Samsung Instinct and the Blackberry Storm, now comes the next attempt to take down the iPhone. Palm launched the Palm Pre, another touchscreen cellphone that will most likely fail in trying to beat the iPhone’s sales. But (there’s a but !), product-quality aside, Palm definitely brought their marketing game to table and put together Flow, the first TV ad for the Pre.
The people at Modernista created this masterpiece, directed by aesthetic-master Tarsem Singh, and produced by m ss ng p eces. Shooting took place in China, where more than 1000 chinese kids, choreographed by Sun Yupeng, mostly known for working on the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, performed for the cameras.
The result of all this is striking. The choreography creates a zen feeling, mixed with the beautiful scenery of the landscape.
The music is “Lower your eyelids to die with the sun” by M83, which is a song featured in the already classic snowboard movie That’s it That’s all.
There is a blog post and some pictures of the shooting on Modernista’s blog that are worth taking a look.


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