Vegas baby, Vegas !

I haven’t been posting stuff often these past few weeks on here, and the reason is simple: way too much work ! I’ve been working on some documents for a web-tv show I’m trying to get together for next winter, and most of all, we’ve been insanely busy at Nova Film. It’s almost inhuman to think we can meet every deadline that is imposed to us, but somehow, we manage to succeed. Once all this work is uploaded on the website, I’ll post something to let everyone know.
Anyway, all that to say that starting tomorrow, I’m officially on vacation for 10 days, and my buddies and I are leaving for 4 days to Las Vegas, and then 6 days to LA to check out the X-Games.
It should be one hell of a trip, and my blog posts in the next week or so might be a lot more about the trip itself than media stuff.
So keep checking to see what we’re up to in the States, and when I get back, I’ll make sure to find some sick stuff to post to compensate for my absence lately.


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