What an arrival in Vegas !

After a very shaky flight, we landed at Las Vegas’ airport, made a 20 -minute line-up to get in a taxi, and then got to Excalibur, just to realize what a huge cheap plastic hotel that was. Maybe it was the fact that we were drinking 2-feet tall vodka & orange juice, maybe it was the fact that I was wearing a white suit, or maybe it was the fact that my friend Julien was wearing crocodile cowboy boots, but we started an insane battle of the promoters involving 4 local guys who were trying to get us in their clubs.
We finally ended up at Coyote Ugly, and believe me, it has nothing to do with the movie ! We then walked the strip to get a dose of flashy lights and seizure-worthy visual, I got lost, ended up in the wrong hotel, got harassed by 2 different groups of hookers, and here we are, the next morning, the four of us ready to hit the pool and check out all the crazy stuff the city has to offer during the day.

The only way to turn a 4-hour flight in a plane-party !

How about a partially-bleached mullet at the airport !


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