KÀ, Peter Lik, Ghostbar, I’m overwhelmed here !

Day 2 and 3 of our Vegas trip are behind us, and let me tell you that we’re enjoying ourselves more than we could have imagine. On Saturday we went to see KÀ from Cirque du Soleil and Robert Lepage, and I must say it is by far the craziest show I’ve seen in my entire life. Everything is just flawless, whether it’s the lighting, the performers, the soundtrack, the costumes, even the theater itself is a masterpiece. I rarely enjoyed a show more than this one. It exceeded my expectations by a mile.

Then on Sunday, we walked the strip, and when we went into Caesar’s Palace, we discovered what has to be one of the highlights of the trip also: the new Peter Lik gallery. I had no idea who this guy was, and if I would have had major money to spend, I would have definitely bought some of his pictures. This guy is a genius. He does landscape photography, and his pictures also react to the ambient light. So let’s say a picture is hanged in your house in front of a window, the picture will not look the same at 1 o’clock than at sundown. It was really amazing.

Sunday night, we decided to spoil ourselves and we went to Ghostbar, which is the club on the 55th floor of the Palms, with a big terrace with a view of the strip. It was an incredible place. Since it is a super prestigious club, we were expecting to get some attitude from people inside, since we were kind of the youngest in the bar, but we were so wrong. People we super friendly, we talked to so many people from 21 to 45 years-old.
That’s pretty much it for now, we’re going to LA tomorrow morning to check out the X-Games, starting on Thursday.


4 responses to “KÀ, Peter Lik, Ghostbar, I’m overwhelmed here !

  1. Worth a little more reading. BTW… Fuji Flex Crystal Archive prints all “react” to ambient light.

  2. I guess the comments you allow need to agree with your opinions in order to remain posted. Truth, information and transparency are the solution, not the problem.
    I will say this, Peter is an amazing business man. He is selling images like no one else has ever done before. However, being a landscape photographer myself, digital post production is not the same as photography. One uses a camera to create while the other uses a computer. It matters. True landscape photographers follow an unwritten code not to add or subtract from what we truly capture. And those that do should be honest in representing themselves. If the end result is all that matters, then state the truth and let the people choose as they will. But do not mislead, lie and fabricate for the purpose of lining one’s pockets. People who believed in this someone and something that they were told, have paid thousands for what will later be seen as a fabrication.
    I was once a believer and a huge fan, but now… well, you can probably guess how I feel.
    Best wishes and safe travels,

  3. charlesburroughs

    Patience man, you posted this 12 hours after your first comment, I’m visiting two different states, so I’m not on my computer all day long.
    Thanks for the info

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