I thought the day would never come, but yes, James Cameron finally released the trailer for his eternal in-production movie, Avatar. For those of you who don’t know, this is the movie for which Cameron wrote the script in 1994, and scheduled the beginning of production for the end of 1997.

Well, 12 years later, I have to say, it was worth the wait. Cameron developed some new technologies for the movie, including a new motion-capture system and a new 3D camera. Though we cannot yet see how the 3D output will be, the motion capture shots in the trailer are just incredibly well done and rendered. The VFX in general are just out of this world, props to Digital Domain for that. The trailer is aesthetically flawless. But, there is a big but. Movies that spend that much time, money and effort on visual often end up having a crappy scenario. I hope Cameron proves me wrong.

Please check out this trailer in full HD on Apple’s website, it is worth every single kb you’re going to download.


One response to “Avatar

  1. – there better be a scud missile heading towards Beverly Hills.
    – No there’s a fucking iceberg. James Cameron is directing Aquaman.

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