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Awesomeness from down under with Umeric


While browsing on Motionographer today, I found this cool new spot that Taxi did for which was produced by Umeric, a studio I had never heard of before. Since Taxi has offices in Montreal, I thought Umeric was probably in Montreal too, and felt kind of ignorant not knowing a quality studio like this in the area. So I decided to visit their website (finally I realized their based in Sydney, Australia) just to find myself in awe for the next 20 minutes as I was browsing.


I love to see a studio who has a style far from corporate and still can manage to produce spots and idents that everyone can relate to just the same. Plus, since I’m a huge fan of mixing live-action footage with motion design stuff, their work just stands out to me. The MTV idents they produced last year look so good and differ from most of what you see from MTV.

Anyway, take a look at their website, their work is really something special and I think they just landed a spot in my favorite studios list, along the great Motion Theory and Austria’s Eat My Dear.


Another success year for IF3

Pics from

This last weekend was the 3rd edition of the annual IF3, the International Freeski Film Festival, held in Montreal. The event is a gathering of the best freeski movies, which also brings together producers and top level athletes from around the globe for 3 days of movie premieres, both pro and am, and of course, 3 nights of insane parties.

I couldn’t make it on Thursday, which was the first day of the festival, where Simon Dumont presented his movie Transitions during a free outdoor screening. It was also the NSX party,‘s 10-year party. Then on Friday afternoon, we drove up to Montreal and made it just on time to Cinema Imperial to see Refresh, Level 1 Productions‘ 10th year anniversary movie, which I have to say is the most insane and progressive package of tricks I have ever seen by far. It just amazed me to see the level of progression from last year to this year, and I don’t even want to think what banger tricks we’re going to see next year.


Right after that was the Reebok Classics after-party at Telus Theater, where DJ Premier mixed some insane tracks until the bar had to close. Missing Vegas, myself and a couple of friends decided to end the night at the Montreal Casino, which was not the best financial decision we made in our lives !


Then on Saturday, more screenings were held, including Everyday is a Saturday from Poor Boyz Productions, which to me was the movie that had the best vibe of the weekend. The cinematography was insane and the skiing didn’t have much to envy to what we saw the day before in Refresh. Matchstick Productions’ In Deep closed the evening, and then it was back to Telus Theater, for the NS Awards, a ceremony that has been there since the first edition of IF3, where the best movies and skiers are crowned champion. My QC friend’s movie, The Affiliates, took the prize for Best Amateur Movie, and Alex Bellemare, a 16-year old kid I used to film with, won the title for Best Amateur Skier, so props to all of them.


Finally, Poor Boyz’s EDIAS won the title of Best Pro Movie, and the party started (like it wasn’t already !) again at Telus Theater. Once again, mad props to Felix Rioux, JF Durocher and everyone in the IF3 organization for another perfectly orchestrated edition of IF3 !! A video on featuring Camille DG and myself (don’t ask questions…) as hosts should follow shortly this week.


Trail of Destruction


This Nike ad from Weiden+Kennedy really struck me with the intensity it transcends without any spoken words and little sound. Since I’ve started in video, I’ve become more and more difficult to impress with black & white, since in my opinion it is far easier to achieve a clean, contrasted professional look with it than color, but Emmanuel Lubezki, the DP, really impressed me.

Not only is the picture quality terrific, but the framing and the use of slow motion are great and really expresses the feeling the director wanted to give to this ad (at least I think).

Artificial Paradise


Found this on Kanye’s blog this morning. This is an experimental shot all done in CGI by JP Frenay, a director from Belgium. The vibe is really good in the video and you feel the strong sci-fi futuristic ambiance throughout. The quality of the 3D rendering is really impressive and the animation is fluid and believable.

I surrender… Facebook won !

I must admit defeat. Today, Facebook officially became a financially viable website. Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg to have doubted you. 300 million users !!!?? Yeah, call social-media a fad

Eminem just crushes everyone else on “Forever”

When I saw this track this morning on iTunes Store, I was so excited even before hearing the song. Are you kidding me !? Em, Lil Wayne, Kanye and Drake on the same track. This had the potential to be one of the greatest hip-hop tracks of all times. I listened to the 30-second preview on iTunes, and honestly, I was disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much, but really, with a line-up like this, who wouldn’t !

Then I listened to the entire track, anxious to hear Em’s verse. Everyone is pretty good on the track, especially Kanye, but it is nothing exceptional. Then, last but not least, here he came ! Man, it was like a tsunami just hit this track. Call me crazy and call out every other number 1 hit Shady has done, but his verse in “Forever” is definitely one of his top 3 best ever. The lyrics are strong, the rhymes are clever and his flow is insane ! Why wasn’t this track on Relapse ? This was the missing piece to make Relapse the historic comeback-album it failed at being. Much respect to Wayne, Kanye and Drake, but Em owns this track…

Thumbs up to The Sounds !


I went to see The Sounds last Friday with a couple of friends during the Envol & Macadam festival in Quebec City. This was a band I looked forward to seeing live for years, since I knew them back in the days of ski movies such as Session 1242 in 2003, and they were reputed to have an amazing energy on stage.


Musically speaking, it was a great show. They played all their hits, the sound was good and the lovely Maja Ivarsson held it up pretty good with the vocals. One thing that was disappointing was the crowd though. Quebec is known to have some of the best and wildest crowds on the globe, and people at The Sounds show were pretty mellow, even boring at some point. My friends and I were going crazy, singing out loud, and some people looked at us like we were aliens. Another annoying thing was the festival’s formula, which was to present one band after the other on 2 different stages, with a one-hour time limit for each of them. This caused The Sounds to have zero interaction with the crowd, since they wanted to squeeze all their songs in this short time, and there was no encore, which was a big let down.

Still, it was an amazing show and I’m glad I finally got to see The Sounds perform live, but I think Envol & Macadam should rethink its formula a bit to leave place for more songs and more time for the bands to interact with the crowd.