Eminem just crushes everyone else on “Forever”

When I saw this track this morning on iTunes Store, I was so excited even before hearing the song. Are you kidding me !? Em, Lil Wayne, Kanye and Drake on the same track. This had the potential to be one of the greatest hip-hop tracks of all times. I listened to the 30-second preview on iTunes, and honestly, I was disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much, but really, with a line-up like this, who wouldn’t !

Then I listened to the entire track, anxious to hear Em’s verse. Everyone is pretty good on the track, especially Kanye, but it is nothing exceptional. Then, last but not least, here he came ! Man, it was like a tsunami just hit this track. Call me crazy and call out every other number 1 hit Shady has done, but his verse in “Forever” is definitely one of his top 3 best ever. The lyrics are strong, the rhymes are clever and his flow is insane ! Why wasn’t this track on Relapse ? This was the missing piece to make Relapse the historic comeback-album it failed at being. Much respect to Wayne, Kanye and Drake, but Em owns this track…


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