Another success year for IF3

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This last weekend was the 3rd edition of the annual IF3, the International Freeski Film Festival, held in Montreal. The event is a gathering of the best freeski movies, which also brings together producers and top level athletes from around the globe for 3 days of movie premieres, both pro and am, and of course, 3 nights of insane parties.

I couldn’t make it on Thursday, which was the first day of the festival, where Simon Dumont presented his movie Transitions during a free outdoor screening. It was also the NSX party,‘s 10-year party. Then on Friday afternoon, we drove up to Montreal and made it just on time to Cinema Imperial to see Refresh, Level 1 Productions‘ 10th year anniversary movie, which I have to say is the most insane and progressive package of tricks I have ever seen by far. It just amazed me to see the level of progression from last year to this year, and I don’t even want to think what banger tricks we’re going to see next year.


Right after that was the Reebok Classics after-party at Telus Theater, where DJ Premier mixed some insane tracks until the bar had to close. Missing Vegas, myself and a couple of friends decided to end the night at the Montreal Casino, which was not the best financial decision we made in our lives !


Then on Saturday, more screenings were held, including Everyday is a Saturday from Poor Boyz Productions, which to me was the movie that had the best vibe of the weekend. The cinematography was insane and the skiing didn’t have much to envy to what we saw the day before in Refresh. Matchstick Productions’ In Deep closed the evening, and then it was back to Telus Theater, for the NS Awards, a ceremony that has been there since the first edition of IF3, where the best movies and skiers are crowned champion. My QC friend’s movie, The Affiliates, took the prize for Best Amateur Movie, and Alex Bellemare, a 16-year old kid I used to film with, won the title for Best Amateur Skier, so props to all of them.


Finally, Poor Boyz’s EDIAS won the title of Best Pro Movie, and the party started (like it wasn’t already !) again at Telus Theater. Once again, mad props to Felix Rioux, JF Durocher and everyone in the IF3 organization for another perfectly orchestrated edition of IF3 !! A video on featuring Camille DG and myself (don’t ask questions…) as hosts should follow shortly this week.



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