Awesomeness from down under with Umeric


While browsing on Motionographer today, I found this cool new spot that Taxi did for which was produced by Umeric, a studio I had never heard of before. Since Taxi has offices in Montreal, I thought Umeric was probably in Montreal too, and felt kind of ignorant not knowing a quality studio like this in the area. So I decided to visit their website (finally I realized their based in Sydney, Australia) just to find myself in awe for the next 20 minutes as I was browsing.


I love to see a studio who has a style far from corporate and still can manage to produce spots and idents that everyone can relate to just the same. Plus, since I’m a huge fan of mixing live-action footage with motion design stuff, their work just stands out to me. The MTV idents they produced last year look so good and differ from most of what you see from MTV.

Anyway, take a look at their website, their work is really something special and I think they just landed a spot in my favorite studios list, along the great Motion Theory and Austria’s Eat My Dear.


2 responses to “Awesomeness from down under with Umeric

  1. Wow. Thankyou for the kind feedback!


  2. Hi Umeric, did you do the sound in house or is that a song? If so, I’d love to know what or where I can get more.

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