Update about myself !


Feels like an eternity since the last time I spoke about what I’ve been doing at Nova. So here it is. It has been one crazy summer, and let me tell you that I paid my share of over-time for leaving 10 days to Vegas and LA in July.

Back in July I did two TV spots for some events in Quebec, which were the Wakest, a wakeboard competition, and Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, which is a Renaissance festival to celebrate the early days of the creation of Quebec City. (The Wakest one may seem weird, because it was a 4:3 ad that was cropped to 16:9 for the website)



Then in August, we produced two TV shows that will soon air on V-tele, which is the rebranded TQS channel by Remstar. We did two event coverage shows for Gestev, which is an event management company known worldwide, especially for putting together the Red Bull Crashed Ice in QC. The two shows we did were for the Delerium, an urban BMX competition, and also for the Wakest which I spoke about earlier. There are two wrap-ups of the 30-minute TV shows on Nova’s website.

Then I DP’ed and edited a corporate video for Industrielle Alliance, the biggest Insurance company in Quebec. I was stoked about this one since we used the Letus35 adapter for the whole shoot, and the result came out great, even with little light. I’m even in one of the shots of the video !


I also DP’ed another corpo, this time for an English client, with JF Larouche agency for Myca, a pharmaceutical company. I was also in charge of the 3D animation for the whole thing.


Last but not least, we were also in charge of all the video projection for the Military Tattoo, which is a multimedia show presenting military music bands from all over the world, put together by Dufour Events. In short, we had to edit 25 wrap-ups of some mainstream movies, because the bands were all playing music from famous flicks. Then, we also had to do over 30 title animations for the various bands and themes of the show. And all this was projected on a circular screen, so you can imagine the composition problems it caused. If that wasn’t enough, we also filmed a soldier on a green screen doing every single salute from every possible side. Then, on stage, there were four 4′ X 8′ LED panels with maybe 10 feet between each of them, where the band members entered the stage. We then had to match the green screen footage on the LED panels with the real-life soldiers. And we also used that soldier to create an introduction, which I DP’ed, edited and co-directed with director Ghislain Turcotte, for the entire show. It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun and it was so different from everything we usually do that I really enjoyed it, even after back-to-back 71-hour weeks !


Anyway, this is about it. Things slowed down at the beginning of September, which was a huge relief, but the rush is kind of coming back now, so I’ll have more work to show in the coming month.


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