Yahoo’s new anthem


Visually reminiscent of the new “More people go with Visa” re-brand for the major credit card company, Yahoo launched, on September 28th, a new campaign putting the focus on their customers, with the slogan “It’s You”. I had heard about it, especially about the fact that they will be investing 100 million dollars in the campaign, but I had yet to come across a new TV spot for it.

While watching TV earlier, my attention got caught by a super aesthetic commercial, and I finally realized that this was one of the weapons for this multimillion campaign from Yahoo. I know this kind of ad (semi-abstract monologue with various footage over it) maybe is over-used lately, with McDonald’s and Visa really using them, but they are so good-looking that in the end, it’s hard to get fed up with them.

The Yahoo spot is beautifully shot and directed, and the images just fit perfectly with the narrator’s voice-over. Plus, the fact that it’s like the total opposite of their previous “Do you Yahoo ?” campaign makes it that more interesting. I can’t wait to see what Ogilvy & Mather, their marketing agency, has in store for the rest of this campaign.


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