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Ninja Assassin titles

Yes, it has probably the worst title in the history of cinema. And, judging by the trailer, it may well be one of the worst movies of all time also. But, I’m a fan of the Wachowski brothers, so I might end up going to see it just the same.

Enough bragging about the movie, I’m actually writing this post to mention that I came across the end title sequence of the movie on Prologue’s website, and I really liked the vibe of it. Cool lighting and reflections effects mixed with fluid liquid animation give it a deja-vu, but still very interesting look.

Check it out here (click “movie” at the bottom), and here’s the trailer too.


Amazing show but cheap design for AMA 2009

Tonight was the 2009 American Music Awards broadcasted live on ABC, and I have to say it was quite a show. The performances were for the most part pretty amazing, and the setup looked really good.

But seriously, who designed the packaging for the show ? It looked like a cheap 1998 game show packaging. If anyone knows please drop it in the comments.

To come back to the show though, I must point out some amazing performances from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performing “Empire State of Mind”, and a very nice comeback performance from Rihanna also. Even if the setup for his part was the least impressive, it was still great to see Eminem spit fiery verses off “Crack a Bottle” and “Forever”. Last but not least, something that is going to make the front page on every tabloid tomorrow is Adam Lambert’s performance, that involved him kissing another guy and having a guy simulate a BJ on him.

Here are a few videos from the AMA:


Adam Lambert

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

Eminem and 50 Cent

It was about time ! Vimeo for iPhone.


Youtube has been built-in the iPhone for as long as it’s been on the market, so it was a normal thought to wonder why there was no Vimeo support on the iPhone, since it is practically the runner-up in terms of video hosting on the web. Well, today CNET announced that Vimeo has made a mobile version of its website. Not all videos are iPhone enabled yet; only the staff picks are viewable from mobile devices.

Here’s the article for more info.

Yet another web-billionaire

Not quite, but today, another web-based business man, Omar Hamoui, is a few days away from making $750 million dollars with his company called AdMob, which specializes in advertising on mobile devices. Who’s buying ? Google, of course ! Check out the articles here and here.

McDonald’s Wifi…brilliant !

This is plain genius ! Credits here.

I hope I’m wrong about Prince of Persia


I can be the most geeky-gamer on a rainy Sunday, and God knows that I’ve spent many rainy Sundays playing the different Prince of Persia games. I haven’t played the new one yet, but I’m a pretty big fan of the entire series, and not only because of the gameplay, but also because of the storyline. It was just normal then that I was so stoked to hear about POP being made into a movie by Jerry Bruckheimer, and that Jake Gyllenhaal would be playing the role of the prince (I’m a huge Donnie Darko fan).

Then the trailer came out, and wow, what a let down. What I didn’t know is that it was a Disney movie, which already rules out the possibility of having any dark/scary/violent scenes, which the game is known for. Plus, there are about 3 cheesy Hollywood one-liners in the trailer alone, so that leaves us little to expect from the entire movie. And on top of that, Gyllenhaal’s character looks like he’s going to be a funny real-life Aladdin, whereas the Prince in the games, especially Warrior Within and Two Thrones, is more like a serious, dark warrior.

I have to say though that the production looks awesome, but can you really expect less from Mr. Pirates of the Caribbean ? I really hope I’m wrong about this one, but I tend to have a good flair about upcoming movies…

Unhealthy combo: Jay-Z, Halloween and Metallica all in 3 days

Photos from CBC, Cyberpresse and my iPhone

It’s pretty good that I’m writing all this, cause my voice is pretty much useless right now and I can barely hear anything. I have to say this past weekend was probably the most exciting I had since I came back from Vegas and LA. On Friday afternoon, my friend and I jumped in my car and drove to Montreal to attend the Jay-Z concert at Bell Centre. We got there pretty early to have good spots on the floor, but we then got told that there were assigned seats on the floor, which kind of sucked. So, we were there awfully in advance, forced to watch the first parts. I HATE first parts. I think that 95% of the time, the ambiance sucks because people just want to see the main artist and they don’t give a damn about who plays first.

I have to say though that I was happily surprised by who played first. J. Cole, a new comer, opened up with 4 songs that were pretty good, followed by another couple of songs from Wale, which also was good. Then, I was really stoked to see Pharrell come on stage with N.E.R.D., and they gave one hell of a show I must say. Pharrell has an energy on stage that is almost unmatched.

Finally, King Hova raised from the floor, kicking the “Run This Town” lyrics, and the whole crowd just exploded. The stage for the show had to be one of the most insane setups I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Multiple LED columns of different sizes were aligned on stage to represent the NY skyline, and different visual effects were projected on those all night.


Once Memphis Bleek came on stage for a surprise appearance, and the first notes of “U Don’t Know” started, I thought the roof was going to fall down. I’ve honestly never seen a crowd so excited, chanting and bouncing along. It was really something special. He went on, playing countless hits, both classics and new songs from The Blueprint 3. He ended the night with his new single “Forever Young” and left the same way he got on stage. Exhausted, we got back in the car and left for QC.


The next day, I had a Halloween party on schedule, but didn’t have a costume. I raced to Village des Valeurs, as did hundreds of other people that were just as late as me. I managed to find 5-6 items that would be perfect to make a Joker costume. I came back home, chopped a couple of pieces of fabric, put makeup on my face, and it was a success !


No, it doesn’t end here ! On Sunday, I had a pair of tickets to go see the second Metallica concert at Colisee Pepsi in Quebec. We got in the auditorium to find out we had probably the worst tickets we ever had. Metallica was shooting for a live DVD, so there was a video booth setup, and it was right in front of us ! Still, when we were standing up, we had a very good view, and god knows we stood up during this show. The rock veterans put on an incredible show with incredible lighting/laser and pyro.

I have to say though that the sound in the Colisee is starting to be mediocre. Sometimes the vocals were almost inaudible and some guitar solos were hard to hear. Plus, I thought the setlist was maybe not the best they’ve ever put together. Where was For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Unforgiven, Fade to Black ? Nonetheless, One, Master of Puppets, Sanitarium and all the other classics, mixed with some hits from the new Death Magnetic, were all priceless to hear.


Bottom line, I’m glad I finally got to see them live, since I missed them back in 2004, and I feared that it might have been the last time they made the trip here.

I wouldn’t do this every weekend, but I have to say that was one crazy weekend that I won’t soon forget !