The Orphan


If it’s Halloween, you have to rent a horror movie. Not doing so is pretty much like not eating turkey on Thanksgiving. So, I decided to watch The Orphan. Of course, I didn’t have lots of expectations, as I do with every other horror movie. Fortunately, I was all wrong, and the movie turned out to be pretty good. Despite the cliche one-liner ending, the plot was interesting and Vera Farmiga is very good in her role.

Anyway, that is not even why I’m mentioning the movie. The real is reason is because of the end credits. I have no clue who directed this piece (and if someone knows, please, let me know in the comments) but it is one fine piece of film. Every shot really reminds you of the movie’s feel, and the typography work is particularly cool with the transitions from serif to handwritten-style (if you watch the movie, you’ll understand). Don’t rent the movie only for the titles, because it is pretty good nonetheless, but it is worth watching until the very end to see the credits sequence.


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