I hope I’m wrong about Prince of Persia


I can be the most geeky-gamer on a rainy Sunday, and God knows that I’ve spent many rainy Sundays playing the different Prince of Persia games. I haven’t played the new one yet, but I’m a pretty big fan of the entire series, and not only because of the gameplay, but also because of the storyline. It was just normal then that I was so stoked to hear about POP being made into a movie by Jerry Bruckheimer, and that Jake Gyllenhaal would be playing the role of the prince (I’m a huge Donnie Darko fan).

Then the trailer came out, and wow, what a let down. What I didn’t know is that it was a Disney movie, which already rules out the possibility of having any dark/scary/violent scenes, which the game is known for. Plus, there are about 3 cheesy Hollywood one-liners in the trailer alone, so that leaves us little to expect from the entire movie. And on top of that, Gyllenhaal’s character looks like he’s going to be a funny real-life Aladdin, whereas the Prince in the games, especially Warrior Within and Two Thrones, is more like a serious, dark warrior.

I have to say though that the production looks awesome, but can you really expect less from Mr. Pirates of the Caribbean ? I really hope I’m wrong about this one, but I tend to have a good flair about upcoming movies…


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