Rihanna’s “Hard” video

If there’s one female pop artist I respect in this whole industry, it is definitely Rihanna. In a few years (her breakthrough was in 2005) she’s managed to grow from a pre-made out-of-the-mold pop star to a trend-setter artist. A lot of people accuse her of making darker and darker music, but I think it just sets her apart in the world of pop music (even though her music is really more in the R&B/Hip-Hop/Rock genre) and I have to say that I really like Rated-R.

To prove once more that she is now a fashion icon, she went all out with the costumes in her new video Hard featuring Young Jeezy. The art direction for this video is completely out of this world, photography direction is far from going under the radar too, and Rihanna’s sexy performance is one to remember. Director Melina Matsoukas really outdid herself for this video.

It’s hard (yeah, wordplay) to find a high-quality version on the web right now, but there are a few places to check it out, especially on Rihanna‘s website. There’s a behind the scenes video also to see. Enjoy !


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