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Yet another wonderful ad from Target

This ad aired during the Golden Globes last week and it really caught my attention. It was accompanied by another all motion graphics ad from Target that I can’t find yet on the web, and if someone has a link to it, please post it in the comments !

This ad was directed by Eyeball in New York, a studio I didn’t know about, and I must say it was a very interesting find. This studio does a terrific job at mixing live action, motion graphics and character animation in their work, which is what I like, versatility. The Target ad shows the dancers from the group MOMIX in a kind of origami-style universe with the red and white colors from the Target identity.


CGI perfection by Alex Roman

This video was on every single design blog this morning when I woke-up. I have a bad habit of not reading blog posts and checking out the video first, and if I like the video, I’ll read the article after. So that is exactly what I did with Third and Seventh from Alex Roman. I was instantly hooked by the beautiful lighting and cinematography from the first images, and it just kept getting better and better. Midway through the video, I was already convinced that this was the most flawless piece of scenery video that I had ever seen.

So of course, true to my habits, when the video was done I read through the short article, to realize that what I had just seen was all CGI. My admiration for this amazing piece of art just multiplied by 100 when I read that. Let’s get this straight: This video was produced, directed, edited, post-produced and scored by one single (and yeah, over-talented) guy. Am I the only one to think that this is the most dedication from a single artist ever ? How much time did it take, and the biggest question is, how much time did it take to RENDER all that ? Plus, who is this guy, Alex Roman ? I guess he’s Spanish, but what’s his background, where does he work ? I’ll bet there will be over 20 articles in the next couple of weeks that will answer these questions, but I really want to know.

Well, enjoy this 12 minutes of pure beauty, and check out the breakdowns also.

Vancouver is closing in !

In less than 6 weeks, Vancouver will be hosting the Winter Olympic Games, and the excitement he starting to be felt even here on the East Coast, 5000km away. Of course, every single brand is using this opportunity to advertise like crazies, and I must say that some ads are really good. Up to now, 2 of them really stood out for me. The first one is Nike’s “Force Fate” with a bunch of athletes like Jarome Iginla and Dion Phaneuf (who has not made the Canadian hockey team…? Are you kidding me ?). Except for the part of the wolves which I absolutely don’t understand, I felt like the ad really delivered it’s message and the script and cinematography was great.

The second one originated in 2002 for Salt Lake City, but I didn’t see it (or maybe didn’t notice it) back then. And unfortunately, after almost an hour of looking everywhere for it, I still can’t find the updated version I saw at the AMC theater. The ad is “He shoots, he scores” from Coca-Cola, produced by Spy Films (i think). This ad has such a fun and intense vibe, it really just makes you want to go out there and play hockey, and I’m not even a hockey player. Plus, the celtic soundtrack just gives me shivers it’s so good. If anyone knows the name of the song, please post it in the comments, and there is a guy on Yahoo Answers who is looking for it too. You can check out the old, extra crappy quality version of this ad below.

UPDATE: I have found a good quality version of the new ad on Youtube, thanks to Ads of the World for this !