CGI perfection by Alex Roman

This video was on every single design blog this morning when I woke-up. I have a bad habit of not reading blog posts and checking out the video first, and if I like the video, I’ll read the article after. So that is exactly what I did with Third and Seventh from Alex Roman. I was instantly hooked by the beautiful lighting and cinematography from the first images, and it just kept getting better and better. Midway through the video, I was already convinced that this was the most flawless piece of scenery video that I had ever seen.

So of course, true to my habits, when the video was done I read through the short article, to realize that what I had just seen was all CGI. My admiration for this amazing piece of art just multiplied by 100 when I read that. Let’s get this straight: This video was produced, directed, edited, post-produced and scored by one single (and yeah, over-talented) guy. Am I the only one to think that this is the most dedication from a single artist ever ? How much time did it take, and the biggest question is, how much time did it take to RENDER all that ? Plus, who is this guy, Alex Roman ? I guess he’s Spanish, but what’s his background, where does he work ? I’ll bet there will be over 20 articles in the next couple of weeks that will answer these questions, but I really want to know.

Well, enjoy this 12 minutes of pure beauty, and check out the breakdowns also.


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