Yet another wonderful ad from Target

This ad aired during the Golden Globes last week and it really caught my attention. It was accompanied by another all motion graphics ad from Target that I can’t find yet on the web, and if someone has a link to it, please post it in the comments !

This ad was directed by Eyeball in New York, a studio I didn’t know about, and I must say it was a very interesting find. This studio does a terrific job at mixing live action, motion graphics and character animation in their work, which is what I like, versatility. The Target ad shows the dancers from the group MOMIX in a kind of origami-style universe with the red and white colors from the Target identity.


One response to “Yet another wonderful ad from Target

  1. i love it! that is such a creative commercial. i work with a company that has our own creative dept….and the stuff these guys come up with are amazing.

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