Superbowl XLIV ads

Who doesn’t like the Superbowl ? Personally I think it’s the sport’s greatest event, even if I like hockey 100 times more than football. But the Superbowl has the ability to generate the biggest buzz of the year, especially with its ads. It is the advertisers’ fest to empty their pockets and get the highest number of views they’ll get all year long.

This year, a 30-second spot sold at close to $3 million a piece, which is the highest all-time. Recession anyone ? Anyway, I don’t know if the match over-shadowed the commercials, because god knows this was one hell of a game, but it seems this year the quality of the ads was really sub-par compared to previous years. Although there were a couple that stood out, none of them made me stare in amazement or laugh at the point to cry. GoDaddy really, really needs to trash their campaign. The concept is getting so old I can smell it rot from over here. It was a good “viral” campaign at first, but wow does it suck now !

Doritos definitely had the best spots this year. They were all kind of absurd and really funny. But the best one was definitely the Google one. It was simple, clever, and really made you feel the essence of Google.

Still, I’m disapointed and really look forward to next year to see if advertisers are going to outdo themselves to compensate for the quality they put out this year.


One response to “Superbowl XLIV ads

  1. Totally agree. Google’s commercial was perfect–and totally realistic, which in my opinion was the best part. The GoDaddy commercials have got to go. And the Doritos commercials were really funny; I particularly liked the one with the kid.

    Other than those, Bud’s human bridge one was pretty memorable. Can’t say I had too many other favorites, though.

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