Advertisers going strong during Olympics

First off, let me take the time to congratulate Alex Bilodeau for his gold medal in Ski moguls ! Allright, let me talk about the ads now. I’ve spotted a couple of really good ads, but I’m unfortunately unable to find links to them. One of them that I managed to find though is perhaps my favorite: the GE “Say Ahh” commercial. The concept is simple, yet the idea is brilliant and they managed to get some very good looking production with this.

Then, for those I can’t find, there’s the Canadian Mint ad, where they mix the construction process of the mint and the Olympic disciplines. There’s also the Buick ad where the figure skater merges with the car which is also amazing. If anyone can find these ads, please post links in the comments.

One campaign I’m really happy to see once again is the Newfoundland-Labrador one, which I wanted to blog-post before but forgot to. This campaign is strictly pristine cinematography, but they’ve done such a good job at achieving this that it makes me want to go there for my summer vacations. The images are unbelievable.

And the last thing that I can’t find, because I just can’t remember the name of it, are the different reports of bio-mechanics for each sport that are broadcasted from time to time during the Olympics. The production value is incredible, it’s instructive and makes you want to learn more about every single inch of your body.

Anyway, if anyone can help me find those missing ads/reports, please post them in the comments.


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