Olympics advertising part 2

After some intensive web searches, I was able to find pretty much everything I wanted concerning the Olympic ads. First off, the Superbodies reports from GE. Wow ! I don’t even want to know the bill for those, because the production is insane and the CGI is super well done too. There are about a dozen different each more interesting and crispy looking than the other. They’re all on the CTV website.

Then the Royal Canadian Mint “A Moment in Every Coin” is another Olympic ad that is incredible. The concept is intelligent, the editing is on-point and the overall production just looks fantastic.

Another good find, via Olivier Languedoc, is the Proctor & Gamble “Kids” ad. Great emotion, clever idea, great production, thumbs up !

Still no luck for the Buick ad with the figure skater though, I’m still looking. UPDATE: I finally found the Rona commercial with the measuring tape. Julie Seidel, director of external communications at Rona, was kind enough to link me to Rona’s Olympic website. The ad is there: https://www.2010vancouver.rona.ca/

A Moment in Every Coin

Superbodies “Moguls”

P&G “Kids”


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