Robin Hood looks totally sick !

I wanted for the second trailer to come out before I made my mind about the upcoming Robin Hood movie from Ridley Scott, but now that it’s been released, I have to say it looks awesome. I love how the cinematography is mostly set during grey days. It just gives the movie a natural desaturated look, along with the color grading, that differentiates it from Prince of Thieves, which had a more fun and romantic vibe. Crowe’s performance looks good, as usual, and the production value seems out of this world.

Plus, Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott once again team-up for the 5th time (if I’m not mistaken), and they have yet to fail together. This movie just CAN’T suck. I have such high expectations, it will be the biggest let down if this is not an incredible movie. Please Ridley, don’t let me down !


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