Monthly Archives: April 2010

Blog break for Costa Rica !

For the next 2 weeks, the blog will be pretty much dead. I’m going on vacation from April 27th to 12th to Costa Rica with a couple of friends. Not only will I have a very limited access to the internet, but I will most likely be too busy checking out monkeys, jungles and volcanoes to look for artsy, geeky stuff on the web.

So, check back in two weeks !


Frame 2010 Reel

Copenhagen-based motion design studio Frame, released their action-packed, fast-paced, eye-candy 2010 reel. With an impressive client-list and various styles of design, this reel is definitely one of the best so far in 2010.

France’s GKaster updates

I know it’s NAB right now and I should be covering all this new geeky technology coming out (don’t be mistaken, I’m excited as a kid during Christmas for the NAB releases), but I came across French artist GKaster’s new 2010 reel, and I couldn’t ignore that.

Pierre Magnol (his real name) has a very unique style of 3D/CGI. His work falls mostly in the abstract-style category, but the compositions, the fluidity and the lighting of his animations just make them so alive. This is really a reel that stands out of the pack. Check it out.

CS5 is finally here and kicking some butt

It is finally here ! Adobe Creative Suite 5, running 64-bit on Mac OSX. I can’t believe it took that long for that feature to happen, but this is going to be game changing. Faster previews, renders, real-time editing and much more. There are a lot of other features that look quite amazing, but honestly, I won’t start to give them props before I’ve tested them. They all look cool on the video presentation, but in a real work flow situation, things can be different.

The Roto-Brush tool lets you draw a fairly accurate mask of the subject you want to rotoscope, and then After Effects automatically calculates the edges of the subject. Photoshop also has a cool Content-Aware Fill feature, that fills the background of an image on which you took off the subject. No more stamp tool, if it works as well as the presentation says of course…

There are a lot of other features, so check out the official website.

Did Nike go too far ?

As simple as this: Did they go too far ? Is using the voice of a deceased man considered to be crossing the line. I’m not one to judge; I tend to be hard to offend in advertisement. My thought is, if Tiger (and his family) is ok with this, then why make a big deal out of this ? Whatever people think, I think Nike just scored the biggest talked-about ad so far in 2010, period.

Drama at Newport Beach

Newport Beach’s annual film festival is back this year, and to promote the event, RPA agency in Santa Monica created two long-length commercials, which are entitled Drama and Romance, which were directed by Erich Joiner. While I’m really not a big fan of the Romance ad, I really enjoyed Drama. The progressive, unfolding concept is really well-thought, and the black and white photography, handled by Robert Richardson, serves the ad well.

Alt for Crea

I’m a bit late on this one, but the blog was kind of left out of my life for the past week since I’ve been working like crazy. Alt, a Montreal-based production company, created a video to present the members of the jury of the Prix Créa, Quebec’s award ceremony for publicity. The short-film presents the jury in a dark, scary-movie like set with black-hooded characters. It was directed by Yan Giroux and Jonathan Desbiens, while Benoit Paillé handled the direction of photography.