CS5 is finally here and kicking some butt

It is finally here ! Adobe Creative Suite 5, running 64-bit on Mac OSX. I can’t believe it took that long for that feature to happen, but this is going to be game changing. Faster previews, renders, real-time editing and much more. There are a lot of other features that look quite amazing, but honestly, I won’t start to give them props before I’ve tested them. They all look cool on the video presentation, but in a real work flow situation, things can be different.

The Roto-Brush tool lets you draw a fairly accurate mask of the subject you want to rotoscope, and then After Effects automatically calculates the edges of the subject. Photoshop also has a cool Content-Aware Fill feature, that fills the background of an image on which you took off the subject. No more stamp tool, if it works as well as the presentation says of course…

There are a lot of other features, so check out the official website.


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