Robin Hood review

This was probably the movie I anticipated the most so far this summer (there was actually a tie between Hood and Inception), so it was a formality that I go and see it as soon as I could, which was yesterday. Things started off great, with epic battle sequences in which the cinematography and editing were just top notch.

But then, the deception kind of kicked in. The trailer suggested a really dark representation of Robin Hood, kind of like what Christopher Nolan did to Batman. Right at the start of the movie, the script sneaks in a couple of funny lines, which break that dark mood from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong though, pretty much everyone is good in the movie. Crowe‘s performance is solid as usual, and so is Cate Blanchett‘s, but the writers gave them some lines that were just too cheesy.

On the cinematography side, this movie just delivers what you would expect from a Ridley Scott movie. Epic shots, mixed with some crazy travelings that make your head wonder how can such a camera movement is even possible. The editing and sound have nothing to complain about either.

Bottom line, this is a movie you have to see on the big screen. It is a good movie, that fails at being great because of some flaws in the script.


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