Eminem trying a new path

It’s no secret anymore, Em has a recipe when releasing a new album. He launches his catchy single in which he insults celebrities, in a funny video in which he’s usually dressed up as people he talks about in the song. Take for example My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady, WIthout Me, Just Lose it, and We Made You.

When Not Afraid was released, I was surprised that Marshall Mathers decided to use a deep, introspective song as a first single to promote Recovery, his June 22nd upcoming album, I was really surprised by this decision, but in a good way. It seems Em finally decided to focus on what he does best, and that is writing powerful lyrics and rhymes, and give a real preview of what’s to come on the album.

Now about the video. It starts off great, with shots of him rapping on a rooftop, mixed with some other performance shots of him in a low-lit basement. The video moves on to a super-well directed mirror sequence, where he gets lost on the street in a maze of reflections. After that though, he just pushes it too far. Eminem starts to fly throughout the city like Superman, which looks exaggerated to me. The video could easily have gone on with the performance scenes and do its job perfectly.


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