Ubisoft nails it with Shaun White’s trailer

I’m not saying this just because they’re a big client of ours at Nova Film, but I’ve come to develop an immense respect for Ubisoft over the past couple of years. The way they market their stuff gets out of the mold that other video game companies have built, and this Shaun White’s Skateboarding trailer is just another proof of that. The trailer doesn’t show a single image of the game itself, and still it gets you so stoked on the game.

The VFX is absolutely flawless. I’ve looked at the trailer 3 times now, and I just can’t seem to find one flaw in terms of compositing or modeling. It is well shot, well directed, and has such a good, laid-back vibe. I can really see this video relate to skateboarders, which is something hard nowdays for mainstream companies, since the skateboard lifestyle is so trashy and “rebel-looking”.

I know Shaun White’s Snowboarding had a hard time with critics, and I hope the people at Ubisoft have made the necessary corrections to the skateboard game to make it live up to the expectations they just created. One thing for sure though, if the game doesn’t sell, it will not be the marketing department’s fault.

PS: I can’t find the credits for the ad, so if someone knows them, please post them in the comment and I’ll make sure to update the post.

UPDATE: I asked Emile Gauthier from Ubisoft Quebec who created the ad, and he pointed me towards Cutwater San Francisco. Check out their website, it’s one of my favorite from all the ad agencies I know (and believe me, I know a lot !). They have a very cool case-study section that is worth checking out.


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