Mountain Dew and P. Rod

While watching parts of the Alli Dew Tour this weekend (congrats to PLG for his win by the way !!), I spotted this ad from Mountain Dew featuring Paul Rodriguez. The ad introduces a contest where 35 shops across the US will have to design a Dew can, and the winner will hit the shelves once the contest is over. P.Rod teamed up with Don Pendleton to create his own can. The 30-second spot shows Paul Rodriguez skating around LA with some of Pendleton’s art popping all around him. I have no idea who directed or produced this ad, so I’ll try to look into it in the coming days.

UPDATE: I found on that Evan Dennis from Shilo was behind this great spot, teamed up with Tracy Locke agency.

The compositing is really well made and Pendleton’s art really shines all around. Besides the compositing, the cinematography is great too, and that makes me wonder why this quality of production is not in every single skateboard movie out there. There are overwhelming budgets nowadays in the skateboard industry, and 90% of the movies we see have the same old fisheye-in-the-staircase cinematography that has been around since the old Plan B movies. I’m not going to start a rant here, but seeing this ad should open the skate producers eyes…

Anyway, there is a cool article and interview with Pendleton on to check out also.

Since I’m in a skateboard mood, I’ll take the time to dig out an old P.Rod ad from Nike that I really like, with some behind the scenes footage.


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