OFFF Paris titles

The NAB is to people working in the broadcast and video industry what OFFF festival is to new media artists. Being held in Paris this year, the festival features conferences, exhibits, workshops and a lot more appealing venues for digital-media savvy people. But one thing about the festival stands out every year, and has become somewhat of a tradition. It’s the opening title sequence. Just like for a movie, the titles present everyone who will be contributing to the festival.

Every year, a different studio is selected for the creation of those titles, and this year’s lucky studio was none other than The Mill. I think I’m not exaggerating by saying that everyone had sky-high expectations for this animated intro, because The Mill is one of the biggest players in the game. Well, when you’re such a big player, your job is to deliver, and The Mill did nothing short of that. This title sequence is just sublime. This is art direction at its finest, and that is what impressed me the most coming from a studio who generally does more VFX-oriented work. The colors, music, animation and ambience blend perfectly together to create an abstract short film taking place in an imaginary world.

I’ll also take the occasion to mention that Julien Vallée, a young designer from Montreal, presented the title sequence at the festival, which I doubt is not considered as the highest honor you could have at this event. Congrats to him.

PS: Take the time to check out titles from past years, they’re pretty much all amazing.


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