Apple Day Off

Let me start off by saying: I’m no photographer… I bought myself a Canon Rebel T2i a couple of weeks ago because the video features just looked amazing and my HMC150 was just picking dust in the basement. But, why not try to take a couple of pictures since I’ve got a pretty good quality DSLR now. Well that’s exactly what I did !

Last weekend was Canada Day, so my friends and I had a 3-day weekend in front of us and we wanted to do something special, and the forecast looked just amazing in New York City. So on friday, just before the sun got up, we packed up the car and drove 8 hours down to the city that never sleeps. We chilled at our hotel’s pool when we arrived to try to kill the 95F temperature, then went for supper in Little Italy bla bla bla… I could go on with that but whatever !

The next day we decided it was pictures day. I was down there with two friends, including Guillaume Bouchard, a long-time friend and photographer, so we both took out our cameras and started snapping everything. It was the first day ever I shot with pictures with a DSLR, and I can’t say I hated it. When I got home, I took those I figured were the best and brought them in Photoshop. I was VERY rusty in terms of photo post-production in Photoshop, I usually just use it to prepare layers for After Effects and stuff like that, so of course this isn’t the best color grading there has been in recent years, but I think I managed pretty well.

Those pics were all shot on the Canon Rebel T2i with both a Sigma 30mm 1.4 and a Canon 85mm 1.8.

So here it is ! My first ever set of photos. I unoriginally entitled it Apple Day Off, of course because we took pictures on a Saturday in New York, but also to refer to the fact I wasn’t sitting in front of my computer to shoot that !

PS: If you happen to be in NYC, go to Webster Hall, one of the best nightclubs I’ve ever been.


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