Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie

Probably this year’s most anticipated video, Love The Way You Lie from Eminem and Rihanna, premiered last Thursday night on MTV. Along with being the #1 song on the charts right now, the song is creating a lot of buzz because of its controversial lyrics, treating about love/hate relationships and domestic violence. More than that, the fact that the two artists singing in this song have had their share of violent relationships (Em with ex-wife Kim and Rihanna with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown) is sure to cause some commotion.

Well, the video just put some more oil in the fire. It features actors Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox portrayed in a very unstable relationship, with passionate love moments at some times, followed by intense violence scenes.

Veteran director Joseph Kahn did an incredible job at creating an intense video that gets to you and won’t leave you indifferent. The cinematography is pristine: the shots of Eminem performing in a field look amazing, with some fast-motion travelings and intense flares colliding with the lens. Not being a fan of Megan Fox (by that I of course mean her acting talents…), I have to admit that she and Monaghan are very believable in their mute roles. Rihanna is as usual a shinning star in every single shot she appears in, and the progression of her performance along with the revealing of the background in front of which she sings are just incredible. At first you would swear she is singing in front of lit candles, just to realize later that she’s actually in front of a burning house.

The video is already causing some controversy, with some people saying it is a great video that sends a message, from people who have had experiences with the subject treated, while others look at it as a glorification of violence. Either way, people are talking about this video, and that alone means that Team Eminem have scored big with this one.

Here are some videos from MTV news of Monaghan speaking about his experience shooting this video.


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