Aronofsky’s upcoming Black Swan

I stumbled upon this trailer via Nino Leitner who tweeted it today. Darren Aronofsky, who directed what is probably my favorite movie still today, Requiem for a Dream, released the trailer of his upcoming feature film entitled Black Swan. The film features two immensely talented actors, Vincent Cassel and Natalie Portman, who have a pretty good track record in terms of quality movies. The trailer feels really different from what we’re used to see nowadays. The music is more ambient than grandiose and the editing is somewhat slow-paced in the beginning. I actually have to say that halfway through the trailer, it left me kind of indifferent. But once the faster rhythm kicks in, the stressful and tense feeling from an Aronofsky movie gets in your bones right away.

Really looking foward to see this one.


One response to “Aronofsky’s upcoming Black Swan

  1. Black Swan looks creepy, and actually a little scary (I mean just look at that poster), but putting Kunis in a main role is going to be bad since she still hasn’t convinced me she can live down her That 70′s Show days.

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