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I’m done going to cinema

Over the years, my interest for movies has grown exponentially, and surprisingly, my go-to-the-movies rate has lowered by an enormous percentage. I’ve often asked myself why it was that way, and I think yesterday, I finally got my answer.

Before I get into the events of yesterday, let me start off by saying that I’ve become more and more intolerant to movie translations, and we now rarely get original english (or whatever language) versions of movies in Quebec, which is a shame. Since the first time I witnessed how amazing an actor could be in a role when his voice was not retardly dubbed by a French-from-France voiceover, it became hard for me to watch another translation. This would of course be one of the main factors I’m not really motivated to go to the movies anymore.

But then, there was yesterday. I don’t know if it’s me who’s getting older and less patient or if every major asshole in town was out to see the same movie as I did, but everything going on in the cinema, except for the movie, was getting on my nerves, BIG TIME !

I’ve always been annoyed by people talking during a movie, and frankly, I still don’t understand why people do it. You pay 12 bucks (make that 48 if you’re a family of four) to see a movie. Why not stay quiet and enjoy the quality picture and immersive sound that the movie offers you ? Well I guess this is definitely not a concept everyone understands. During the last few movies I saw in the last year, this bizarre phenomenon was rare, if not absent, which pleased me immensely.

Yesterday though, there clearly was an epidemic of the talking disease in the room, and some severe cases were in attendance. The movie didn’t help though. Long scenes without music or dialogue were frequent, which amplified the retarded comments of the multiple douchebags present at the screening. On top of that, next to me, I had Mister and Miss affection, an ugly couple who were hugging the hell out of each other non-stop, while both having the worst case of influenza in recent years. They were literally coughing their lungs out every 30-to-45 seconds. If you’re this sick, people, you’re probably not healthy enough to be somewhere public. Why not wait a week and not annoy the shit out of everybody in the room ? I guess this is another concept hard to get.

Following that, there is always the location factor. As cinema screens get larger and larger, it seems that good seats become a rare thing. If you’re not sitting somewhere in the top five rows, or if you’re not dead-center anywhere else, the perspective always kills the picture. I was sitting in the middle rows, but at the right-end of a row, and I seemed to miss many details in the image.

Then there were the various noises typical to the cinema. We had the popcorn-bag concerto being played by the largest orchestra ever, combined with Beethoven’s unreleased masterpiece, the empty-soft-drink symphony, which made an extremely irritating “sluuuuuurrrpppp” noise. Mix that with multiple text-message ringtones, people leaving to and coming back from the restrooms, and of course, the insane amount of ignorant bastards who were repeatedly asking their neighbor “what did he just say ?” and you’re in for the longest two hours of your life.

Let’s get back to “those” people. The movie I saw yesterday involved some pretty intense scenes. How is it possible that during a rape sequence, I get all tense and uncomfortable, and behind me, two clowns are able to laugh and say comments out loud ? I just don’t get it. If you don’t like the movie or if you’re simply not watching it, then why don’t you get the fuck out ? There are hundreds of people around you who paid to attend an experience unique to a cinema, and you’re enough of a selfish scumbag not to realize that ?

I may have been a bit harsh with my title. I don’t think that was the last time I entered a cinema, but I think my living room will become more and more my private theater, where I can enjoy movies with who I want, the noises I want, and of course, while always having the best seats in the house. To “those” people who I’ve been ranting about, please, stay home too. You’re killing the experience that talented filmmakers work hard to give to the audience, and that’s what drives me crazy. Cinema is a great democratic art that everyone can enjoy, but that doesn’t give the right to any classless idiot to act publicly the same way he would in his living room. Once again, to “those” people, STAY HOME! End of rant.


Vimeo Awards finalists

October 9th will be the first ever edition of the Vimeo Awards in New York City. The video-hosting website recently announced the finalists for the various categories. Take a look, there are some jewels in there.

Vimeo Awards Finalists

The Catalyst

Even if I’m less and less fan of the music they’ve been producing recently, Linkin Park still stays as one of my favorite bands of all time. Their sound is just unique, and frontmen Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda have so much personality.

The band recently released the video for their first single, The Catalyst, for their fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns, which was released today. The video, directed by Joseph Hahn, the band’s DJ, is as unique as Linkin Park’s sound. Taking place in a smokey, low-lit environment, the video presents a lot of various super slow-motion shots of all the bands member playing, including Bennington singing in water as if he was drowning, and Shinoda performing motionless on the back seat of a car.

The look, feel, glitchy transitions, colors and editing of this video make it something special. It is definitely one of the most visually creative videos of the year.

The Art of Progress for Audi A8

Though this ad was released back in February, I just stumbled upon it on New Industry Arts, who posted it yesterday. I looked around on the blogs and sites I visit on a daily basis to see if it had slipped pass me, but surprisingly, it was nowhere to be found !

Well, since nobody seems to have posted it back then, and considering the relatively low number of Youtube views, I decided this would be my post of the day.

I had never heard of Bruno Aveillan before, and after googling his name, I’m ashamed I didn’t know him. The French director has created ads for most major car brands and various other worldwide companies. No wonder Audi hired him to undertake this visionary advertisement they had in mind for the Audi A8.

The ad, entitled The Art of Progress, translates different forms of art into the various crafts required for the design of a car. The imagery is stunning and the progressive, grandiose soundtrack just makes this ad an immersive visual feast. The director really achieved perfection in terms of reaching out to the target customers. The high-end, abstract feel of the ad, the rich sets and the simple, pure colors really appeal to sophisticated people likely to drive such a luxury car.

Really one of my favorite ads of the year for sure.

Eminem & Jay-Z Home and Home Tour

This could be the longest blog post I’ve ever done, because it was one of the most exciting nights of my life, but I’ll try to be as brief as possible. There are Youtube embeds at the bottom related to everything I say in this post.

Back in June, some friends and myself decided we would attend the Home & Home Tour, this 2-night exclusive event starring Jay-Z and Eminem in both their respective home towns. We tried to get tickets for NY, because it was way closer to us, but tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes, so we had to get tickets in Detroit.

We had tickets for Friday, September 3rd, which was the second night in Detroit. So, we left Quebec City on Thursday morning and drove 14 hours through Quebec and Ontario until we reached the customs in Detroit at 9 o’clock in the evening. We partied like crazy at Exodus nightclub on the rooftop terrace and spent the day trying to find something to do in Detroit the next day. We finally decided to go buy those custom made “RUN DET” t-shirts at Division Street Boutique and we then walked to the Comerica Park to enter the stadium for what promised to be one of the greatest shows ever.

How stoked was I when B.o.B. (who has to be one of my favorite artists of 2010) came on stage to open the show ! He played most of his album, and ended the show with a cover of MGMT’s Kids, which made the crowd go bananas. He didn’t play Airplanes, but any B.o.B. connoisseur knew what that meant…

I had seen Jay-Z previously in October at Bell Centre in Montreal, so I was expecting him to have a similar line-up. As expected he played most of the same songs, but added a few, including A Dream while paying a tribute to Biggie. But the best moment of his performance was definitely when he sang Death of Autotune and when he got to “this might need a verse from Jeezy”, Jeezy actually came on stage and did Put On for the crowd. Detroit went insane, that’s the least to say. Once again, I’ll have to say though that there is not a song in the world that will match U Don’t Know in terms of making a stadium reach its maximum level of craziness. People in Montreal exploded when he played that song with Memphis Bleek, and the people from Detroit really matched this atmosphere. Once again, Hova proved that he’s probably the most classy guy in the rap industry by spotting people in the crowd at the end of the show and saluting them.

Overall it was a great show, but I have to say that I preferred his show in Montreal. The audio sounded better, and his multimedia tower setup had something unique. His visuals on the Detroit stage looked really good though, especially on On To The Next One, which matched the visual from the music video.

And then, the main course came on stage. Eminem, who hadn’t performed for close to five years, came on the eyed-shaped stage. He opened up with Won’t Back Down and continued on with many other records, including 3am and Square Dance. Then, one of the heaviest song of the evening had to be Welcome to Detroit City with Trick Trick appearing on stage. The Comerica Park exploded in cheers. Other guests came on stage, like D12, with songs like Fight Music and Purple Pills.

Just when we thought this couldn’t get any better, the beat for Patiently Waiting started, and none other than 50 cent started singing along side Em for this song. Marshall then left the stage and introduced Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, who performed I Get Money and In Da Club before giving the stage back to its true owner.

Shady dropped many other singles, and then the lights went off, just to have the first piano notes of Airplanes part 2 resonate in the stadium. B.o.B. came back out and dropped his second first of the song, while Eminem joined him on stage to perform his verse. This was definitely one of the highlights of the show for me.

On Thursday, Drake made a surprise appearance and played Forever. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to the Friday show, but Eminem still rhymed his verse from Forever, which has to be one of his best verses of all time.

But then, the most unexpected guest showed up. Em started playing My Name Is, and when he reached the line “and Dr. Dre said…”, the beat stopped, and Dr. Dre raised from the floor, played Still D.R.E., Nothing but a G Thang and left. The crowd was so loud that the beat was almost inaudible.

Of course, later on, Jay-Z came back and he and Eminem played Renegade, which was a crowd pleaser as well. And, to close things off, Eminem played his new single Not Afraid, and gave an encore performance with Lose Yourself, and ended all this with an insane fireworks show.

So that’s it, after playing over 30 songs, Em left us and we headed back to Quebec City, knowing that we had just witnessed hip-hop’s history.

Put On

Lose Yourself

Still Dre

In Da Club

Airplanes Part 2

Square Dance

No Love


Eminem’s Intro

Jay-Z’s Intro


Welcome to Detroit City

Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Fight Music

Patiently Waiting

Till I Collapse