The Art of Progress for Audi A8

Though this ad was released back in February, I just stumbled upon it on New Industry Arts, who posted it yesterday. I looked around on the blogs and sites I visit on a daily basis to see if it had slipped pass me, but surprisingly, it was nowhere to be found !

Well, since nobody seems to have posted it back then, and considering the relatively low number of Youtube views, I decided this would be my post of the day.

I had never heard of Bruno Aveillan before, and after googling his name, I’m ashamed I didn’t know him. The French director has created ads for most major car brands and various other worldwide companies. No wonder Audi hired him to undertake this visionary advertisement they had in mind for the Audi A8.

The ad, entitled The Art of Progress, translates different forms of art into the various crafts required for the design of a car. The imagery is stunning and the progressive, grandiose soundtrack just makes this ad an immersive visual feast. The director really achieved perfection in terms of reaching out to the target customers. The high-end, abstract feel of the ad, the rich sets and the simple, pure colors really appeal to sophisticated people likely to drive such a luxury car.

Really one of my favorite ads of the year for sure.


2 responses to “The Art of Progress for Audi A8

  1. This is a Masterpiece ! One more from Master Bruno Aveillan !

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