Muse achieves visual perfection

I am literally just coming back from the Muse concert in Quebec City, and I think I’ll need some powerful mechanics tools to raise my jaw back into normal position. Seriously, this was an incredible show, especially scenic-wise. Aside that the 3 band members are very talented musicians and even better performers, the stage was something that nobody who’s ever attended a Muse show will ever forget. 3 immense LED columns serve has pedestals for each of the band’s member, and each of these columns project very clean and beautifully defined motion graphics.

One of the highlights of the concert was definitely the insane amount of lasers shooting out from everywhere. Green beams were all around the place, creating some abstract shapes in the crowd. It was incredible. Thank you Muse.

Here’s something to give you the urge to buy tickets to see this band live.

Intro: Uprising

New Born


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