Hermes goes viral

A friend of mine recently showed me this ad for the French brand Hermes, specialized in high-fashion accessories, that he found on Gizmodo. The ad was directed by Alexis Milant (worst website ever), who had created other fingerboarding videos on Youtube prior to this one. This ad shows a hand with a fingerboard, flip-tricking its way through various Hermes accessories.

Strangely, with that very spotted lighting, minimal stage and few sounds, the ad has a feeling of Lars von Trier’s Dogville.

I haven’t really followed Hermes’ advertising history, but in the domain of expensive fashion, they really stepped out of the established style with this commercial. While being very minimalist and low on budget (let’s hope), they really managed to create a buzz with a simple ad, and at the same time, reach an audience (i.e. me) that doesn’t pay much attention to their brand usually.


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